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Get Connected Tips and Tricks

  • Make volunteer needs stand out with a fun and engaging title. Social Media Extraordinaire Wanted or Weed Whacking Warriors Needed attracts more attention than We Need Someone to Pull Weeds for Two Hours
  • Consider leaving out your phone number and email when you post a volunteer need. This will encourage people to RSVP using the site instead of emailing or calling. If they use the site, you can track who attends, export data directly from the site into reports, and use Volunteer Check-in.
  • Avoid using Ongoing as a duration option where you can. If you have an ongoing volunteer opportunity that always needs filled, select “Runs Until” and pick an end date. When you reach that date, return to the site and select a new date. This ensures you remember to update the volunteer opportunity and it refreshes on the overall list of volunteer needs that volunteers see when the search the site.
  • When you have an event, but want to capture attendee’s names and emails, consider posting it as a volunteer need instead of an event. You can use Volunteer Check-in to quickly check attendees in, and new attendee’s are prompted to join so they can connect with you for future events.
  • Give each volunteer opportunity an inspiring name. ‘Read with kids’ is a lot more compelling than ‘Tutor'
  • Make each distinct volunteer opportunity its own posting. If you have a large event, provide separate postings for set-up, registration, event management, concessions, clean-up, etc. It is much easier to identify willing volunteers to work a 2, 4, or 6 hour shift for one portion of the event, than it is to find someone to work a 12 hour shift doing multiple tasks.


  • Use a unique photos on your agencies page. Compelling options include: Photos that tell the story of who you are and/or what you do, close-ups of volunteers doing this task, photos that indicate client impact, photos with good color and resolution.

  • When writing a description of the volunteer need, attract the right volunteers by telling them how their help will impact your mission and how much fun they will have doing it!


  • Use links to direct volunteers to agency specific forms and documents such as your volunteer application or release for a background check.

  • Designate who “this opportunity is appropriate for”. Consider how you might use youth or families to meet your agency needs. Families and students are eager to find opportunities to make a difference in the community.