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Pay It Forward Tucson

Who We Are

Pay It Forward Tucson is now a non-profit organization or 501(c)(3), and a personal effort by Director Engel Indo, therefore is reliant on donations and volunteers in any and all community efforts. Vision Statement: To activate generosity and love in our community in hopes of creating a sense of unity and promoting long lasting relationships.

What We Have Accomplished: Pay It Forward Tucson has done so many great things in the community of Tucson since its establishment in 2012, and continues to thrive for the betterment of those less fortunate.

Among other acts of generosity, in 2013, we helped a father/son team to gain employment by purchasing a trailer for their landscaping business; in 2014, we donated a bicycle to be raffled at the Stand Down Veterans Event hosted by Tucson Veterans Serving Veterans; in 2015, we donated a one year free of charge storage unit to Tucson Veterans Serving Veterans; in 2016, we donated a vehicle to a single mom in Tucson, Arizona; In 2017, we hosted an event for 60 children, offering breakfast, school supplies, toys and a one hour kids' show with live entertainment in Peru, South America; and through the years, we have provided utility bills assistance, food, clothing, and furniture to Veterans and low-income families, as well as helped disabled individuals and families clean and/or move out of their homes, who could not afford to pay for a moving company.

Pay It Forward Tucson was one of the main coordinators of an event that benefited a local artist who fell from his roof and needed funds to pay off his hospital bills. This was a two part fundraiser that generated over 20,000 for the artist.

Pay It Forward Tucson was also involved in the organization and planning of The Women Veterans Empowerment Brunch by providing food, prizes, and helpful resources to further the advancement of women Veterans.

Funding: Most funding comes from charity events held on a case-by-case basis, members of the community, as well as from the founder Engel Indo’s personal finances.

Sponsorship Needed!!! Thank you for your consideration. If you have further questions please feel free to contact the director Engel Indo at 520-313-8476

What We Do

Pay It Forward Tucson is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It is a Veteran established organization where the community of Tucson and Pima County can come together as one in hopes of fulfilling the needs of low-income families and Veterans. Its purpose is to complement the already established city, state, and county assistance, in a collaborative effort, with the hopes of eliminating hunger, homelessness, loss of basic human needs, and poverty with the use of donations, volunteers, and resources.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

a. To provide assistance with basic needs (i.e., utilities, housing, moving, household goods, food, bus passes etc.)

b. To provide Mental Health First Aid classes to the community;

c. To provide education through music;

d. To sponsor, host, and/or participate in events and activities that promote or that relate to its Mission.